How To Design A Custom Bottle Label?


Product labels are important because they represent your company or your brand. The exciting thing is you can easily include personalized food labels, bottle labels and can label as per your choice.

Bottle labels are as much important as any other product labels. Bottles may include water, juices, beverages, etc., and their taste and health quality will determine the future sales of the products. However, before tasting, one will have to consider sight as well. To be precise, the visual presentation of the bottle will ensure the customer at least hold and check the bottle. This visual perfection of a bottle is based on its label.

Each bottle has its unique styles, fonts, colors, and designs. You can quickly launch your label designing business, starting with bottle labels. It will enhance your skills as a designer and generate sales in the future as well.

How To Design Customized Labels For Bottles?

Measurement Of The Bottle:

We think of a bottle to be a specific unique shape object. It is not as easy as it looks. A good label also depends on the size and shape of the bottle. If the bottle’s size is small, you will not be able to stick to a large brand name and vice versa. As bottles are curvy in shape, it will be a bit complex to find the correct size. A printable ruler is used to print out and understand the proper size of the bottle. With this ruler, you can wrap it around the bottle and have an estimated size. For example, around ΒΌ” measurement is enough for an entire wrap label.

Choose A Suitable Label:

You can either design label pictures or elements by yourself or browse and personalize label designs from the internet. Make sure that the design matches the services you provide to the customers. The colors or elements in the label must suit the product as well. For example, in the water bottle case, the color should be blue and white with water illustrations.

Choose The Correct Material:

The label’s material is essential because it will be easier to keep the product intact. The label has to be unchanged in the bottle in the fridge or at room temperature, and it needs different materials. For waterproof labels, you can use white matte, white gloss for tear resistance, etc.


Designing a bottle label can be done through illustrator, and you can hire a professional agency or do it yourself. It is better to do the label design by yourself as you will personally understand which elements to include in which products. Overall, your skill, creativity, and cash flow will increase in the future.

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